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Welcome to Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) – University of Guelph Chapter! Our goal at WiSE is to encourage and empower individuals entering the STEM fields though community outreach, professional development, and hands-on skills workshops. Our events aim to deliver useful information and skills that benefit the students at UoG, as well as exposing the community to the fields of STEM. We welcome individuals from all genders to volunteer or participate in our events and we host bi-weekly meetings that will be run virtually this upcoming year. If you are interested in getting involved, follow us on social media or email us at

Covid Updates

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone in unprecedented ways and unfortunately we aren’t able to meet on campus. WiSE is still powering through and maintaining a sense of club and community on an online platform. We have created a Teams Group where we host all of our meetings and events, please email us if you would like to be added! This semester, we are hosting bi-weekly “social nights” on Thursday’s from 6-7pm. Each social night will consist of small break out groups, giving members the opportunity to meet and interact, ranging in activities from trivia to scavenger hunts, each time we get together.

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