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About WiSE

The University of Guelph Chapter of Women in Science and Engineering is built on the pillars of outreach, professional development and practical skills. The events run by WiSE not only provide students the opportunity to learn valuable skills as they continue with their career, but also engage the surrounding community and provide opportunities to engage in STEM activities.

Professional Development

WiSE aims to empower students by hosting events that can help them as they enter the workforce. Our professional development events range from Networking and Mentoring workshops to attending the WiSE National Conference.

Practical Skills

WiSE also empowers students by educating and teaching tangible skills that they would be able to use. Our practical skills workshops include Financial Literacy, Salary Negotiation and LinkedIn Workshops. The focus of these events is to provide these necessary skills to women with specific advice on how to succeed.


The most important part about being a woman in science or engineering (or any STEM field) is motivating and supporting other women in our field and girls who are interested in joining the STEM field. As we are Science and Engineering, we ensure that we host both a science and engineering themed event each semester, providing a safe and comfortable space for kids to learn and explore. These events are usually in partner with other clubs or organizations such Let’s Talk Science, College Royal and Girl Guides to help run events for the community, such as building bridges, mechanical arms or making DNA models.

Social Nights

WiSE also aims to provide its members with the opportunity to meet and interact with other students in similar disciplines. A few times throughout the year, WiSE coordinates social events such as Trivia Nights, Yoga Nights or participating in the Guelph Tradition of Painting the Cannon.

Big Sisters Little Sisters

Big Sisters Little Sisters (BSLS) is a program run by some members of the WiSE Exec Team. BSLS provides female engineering students the opportunity to closely interact with other female engineers. Students in 1st and 2nd year are partnered up with a mentor in 3rd, 4th or 5th year of a similar discipline. Mentors and mentees are partnered up at the beginning of the semester and are able to connect as often as they would like.

Join the WiSE Team

We are always looking for new members to get involved with WiSE. If you are interested in joining the club, please send us an email at To stay up to date on upcoming events, follow us on social media and like our Facebook page (WiSE Facebook) and Instagram page (WiSE Instagram). Come on out to the bi-weekly meetings (Thursday at 6:00 pm) to discuss plans and the type of involvement with the club.

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